1st step was getting the sideboard in! This is a bog standard kitchen worktop. Fortunately one of friends had a whole worktop unused and going spare!

The first thing to do was strip out some of the ply lining, we’ve had the van for nearly two years at this point!
Then I attached a long aluminum right-angle directly to the wall of the van.

Once that was on and I had a couple of legs the whole sideboard was pretty rigid and looked good. 🙂
2015-05-17 15.34.08

2015-05-17 15.33.48

2015-05-17 15.33.29

I have also moved the control panel for the diesel heater that came with the van… this works really well apart from sounding like a jet engine when it is running! However in the winter it is amazing for heating the whole van in about 5 minutes! As I’m a little paranoid about safety I have fitted an additional gas, CO2 detector to go alongside the control panel.

2015-05-17 15.34.22


A lot more of the sideboard has been built now. It includes the gas cupboard and the battery compartment which are covered under the gas and electrics sections.

I did have a shelf along under the counter with plastic stacker boxes on…. but they were ugly!

Still not pretty but we’re getting there!


OK so I’ve decided to redo the the worktop as I want to change the current cooker and sink.

I’m now looking for something like this instead…

So I’m going to try my local sawmill once I have the dimensions that I need.


Don’t build the work top like I did… build it outside of the van as 1 unit and then lift it into place, that way if you need to take it out (to have the bottom of your van welded!) you can put it back in!!