Chain and Scale Mail

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1,060 perfectly sized links. Each one handmade and assembled by me. I made this one extra special 'cause it's for my lovely girlfriend who leaves today for a few months of doing her art in London! 😇🤘🏽
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Hanibal King Chainmaille Leather AWESOME!
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Similar to the keychain I made a while back, this dragon is an improvement on the original design, using more than a couple of different weaves. Not only is it bigger, but its far more flexible as ...
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Asy-try by christine1doyle posted on flicker on 28 Oct 2011. christine1doyle owns the rights to her work and the images of it.
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by christine1doyle

OK so this is a series of projects!

  • Chainmail pocket watch chain for a waistcoat.
  • Chainmail hoodie for Alfie
  • Chain or Scale mail gloves for me
  • Scalemail shrug for Kate
  • Scalemail dress?

Aluminium would be nice, galvanised steel if not so I don’t have to worry about corrosion.

Links to how to actually build chainmail:

Tumbling your rings!


The same machine seems to be cheaper on Aliexpress

Buying Rings

MaterialColourIDDAR (ID/D)SourceQTYPrice (Per Ring)
AluminiumBlack8mm1.57mm5.0link1000£24.99 (£0.025)
AluminiumSilver6.35mm1.63mm3.9link1000£24.99 (£0.025)
AluminiumSilver7mm1.29mm5.4link3300£38.98 (£0.02)

Buying Scales


So I tried rings fom a few diffeent sources and so far the only ones that haven’t been rubbish have been beadsisters… but they are expensive! As I haven’t got a tumbler either they are still very small snags on the necklaces that I have made so far.


Persian 6-in-1

The 2 on the left are cheap ones from Ali Express, the one on the right was the smallest that B&Q sell.