Kitchen Refit (May 2018)

Right then!!

I’m refitting the kitchen because:

  1.  The dog bowl sink did not work, the drain/plug hole was slightly raised meaning that a bit of water pooled!
  2. I didn’t like the cooker.
  3. I wanted to change the worktop.
  4. I’m an idiot.

These are the steps I’m planning on doing and fleshing out.

  1. Cut and mount vent holes for the fridge – DONE

    Inside the box mounted above should be enough room for the two new ventilation vents. Cold air in, hot air out!

    Update – When trying to mark out where to cut, drilling pilot holes from the inside helps work out where everything is. You can also scribble on the outside of a white van with white board marker and wash off with water once done. Once marked out where you are cutting, cover the bits you want to keep with masking tape so the feet of the jigsaw doesn’t scratch the paintwork. Final tip is if you are an idiot and pick up a sharpie instead of a whiteboard marker (doh!) you should be able to remove the marker using ethanol!

  2. Seal off the back of the fridge – DONE

    I need to attach a box to the wall of the van that the sideboard links up to. The box will be open at the front to be level with the fridge and sealed at the back to the van wall.

    Update – this was a massive pain in the arse! Make sure you plan it out fully before you start. I wasted hours making three different versions of a cowl/box that mounted to the wall of the van, the sideboard then fitted over the box and then the fridge slid into both… I still think this is the best way to do it but I could have save hours with a bit more planning.

  3. Insulate behind everything that is going back in – DONE

    Once I have all of the vents fitted I need to insulate everything that is going to get covered up when the new sideboard goes back in.

    Update – I have filled all indentations and cavities with 50mm foam board backed in silver (e.g. Celotex). I’ve taped all the joins with aluminium tape. Ribs of the van body and any areas where I’ve used lots of little chunks of Celotex, I’ve covered the whole lot with silver bubble wrap and then taped the edges of that. (insulation level = Aussie Girlfriend!)

  4. Make the frame for the side board more rigid – DONE

    I need to make the box frame of the current sideboard more sturdy as the new worktop is significantly thinner.

    Update – Done! Basically made this a sideboard that slides into place and then attaches rather than being built onto the van body!

  5. Fix the planks of the new worktop into a single worktop – DONE

    The new worktop consists of 3 planks, my current idea is to get some dowel pins and pin and wood glue the planks together.

    Yeah… this was a rubbish idea, I don’t have anything to ensure that the holes for the dowel are perfectly lined up so my test piece bowed and twisted. I think a better idea is to us battens underneath the planks and screw up into them.

  6. Treat the worktop – DONE

    Sand and oil the worktop. Not sure if I want to stain the wood first… at the moments its quite a bright pine colour and I quite like it but I’m not sure if I should stain it a different colour. Need to test on an off-cut first.

  7. Fit the new sink in the worktop – DONE

  8. Fit the new cooker into the worktop

Nearly done but need to plumb in the gas and electric…..

  1. Fit the whole unit back into the van