Dolls Head Lamp

I want a creepy dolls head lamp!

Here’s some random inspiration…
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Looks like someone has already done a tutorial and I quite like the outcome but I don’t like his build quality!

The Build

So, I now have the doll, I think it was £2 from a car boot sale…. just need the lamp base!

Rescued this from a bin!

Started to shave back the hair…. I’ve left it as a mohawk so far but I think all of the hair is going to come off!

Going to hoard these for later as I’m sure they will come in handy for something.

Unexpectedly the lamp base easily broke down into several usable parts. I think I’m just going to use the bottom bit.

Here’s the base with a matt-black spray coat, looking better already.

Here it is again after a silver acrylic dry-brush.

Here a comparison to an unpainted / untreated piece of the original lamp.

Here’s the finished base with the head with a matt-black base coat. I’m as yet undecided if this will be the final coat for the head or if I’ll treat this further to weather it. Next thing to do will be the electrics. I’ve decided on a 5V USB system.

I got a couple of these on AliExpress as they were ridiculously cheap (about £1) and I thought they’d come in handy.

Here’s what it looks like so far… the wiring is still bodged at this point as nothing is glued in place and the USB extension underneath has too long a socket so the legs won’t sit flat, there also isn’t a switch. This should all be rectified when the next bits come in from AliExpress but really happy with it so far.