Rave Cave Control Panel – Section 1

My boy has a bunkbed… the bottom half doesn’t have a bed its boarded out and surrounded by camo net. Its also got lights in it…

  • Fairy lights (multi-colour)
  • Laser (red and green)
  • RGB Flood (with a IR remote control)

At the moment he controls these by powering them on with a switched extension block attached to the headboard. I’d like to make a nice control panel for these switches that tidies away all of the wires.

Option 1

Make a single box that attaches to the headboard that contains all of the plugs and sockets, has one power inlet and presents only the switches in a dashboard.

Option 2

Make two boxes, one with the plugs and sockets and then a but of flexible conduit running to a much smaller box with just the switches.



Dry Boxes

Arduino and addressable LEDs